Wood Designs by Arbour
Wood Designs by Arbour
Kingston, Nova Scotia
Quality products since 1996

These are just some of the original works of intarsia created by Paul and
Jennifer Arbour, artists in wood.
All colors and shades seen in the finished work were actually cut from different types of wood. NO paints or stains
were used to create the unique results achieved by the artists. Each piece of the "picture" must be individually cut,
shaped, and sanded before assembling the pieces almost like a puzzle. A clear protective coating is then applied
to really bring out natures colors and to ensure an heirloom quality to each piece. All birds are then mounted on
bases made from stones collected from the tidal worn shores of the Bay of Fundy.
Heron $86
(approx 12 inches tall)
Atlantic Puffin $66
(approx 6 inches tall)
Chickadee $46
(approx 5 inches tall)
Robin $46
(approx 5 inches tall)
Cardinal $46

(approx 5 inches tall)
Goldfinch $46
(approx 5 inches tall)
Hummingbird $46
(approx 5 inches tall)
Common Loon $46
(approx. 4 inches tall)